The evaluation of periodontitis signals

  • Color and condition of the gum line
  • Pocket depth measurements
  • Bone line as revealed by x-rays
  • Mobility of teeth
  • Amount of calculus

These findings indicate the periodontitis stage and determine the appropriate treatment plans.

Periodontitis Treatment

A periodontitis treatment after doctor's diagnose may be divided into two categories:
Non-Surgical Treatment which included oral hygiene, dental prophylaxis, scaling and root planning. Non-surgical treatment is applied to the patients whose syndrome of periodontitis is not server and some basic works can be done to improve patients' oral health. The cost of treatment is also vary and depends upon what surgery patients received.

Surgical Treatment can involved crown lengthening, flap surgery, Soft tissue grafts, bone or gingival augmentation and gingival curettage. There are some devices that use a powerful ultra-sonic vibration and irrigation system to break up the bacterial plaque and calculus such as Waterlaser.

In Image Dental Clinic, we treat the comfortable of patients is first consideration so we have introduced the latest dental technology- Waterlaser as a part of periodontitis treatment without extra charge. Waterlaser Dentistry uses a patented technology which combining laser energy and a spray of water to perform a wide range of dental procedures on teeth, gum and bone more comfortably. Typically, Waterlase Dentists use fewer shots and less anesthesia reducing patient anxiety and providing a more relaxing dental experience.
more about waterlaser>>

Prevention and care after operation

The best way to prevent periodontits and tooth decay is to maintain good oral health care. Brushing is essential for every day routine and will help you to remove a thin sticky film of bacteria, called plaque that grows on your teeth. Cleaning between the teeth once a day with floss removes plaque from between the teeth where teeth brush may not reach. . Brushing and flossing are both important in preventing gum disease.


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