Types of dental brace we offer
There are many types of brace available upon patient's needs. Dental brace be placed from front side to behind of tooth and then become truly invisible nowadays. Although there are huge selections of brace, the most popular types can still be concluded as below.

Traditional braces
Traditional braces are made from stainless steel or sometimes in combination with nickel titanium. They are the most widely used among most braces because of economic factors.

Self-ligating bracket
self-ligating bracket may be regarded as the new generation of traditional brace because it has some traits which can move teeth more quickly. Damon system offers by Ormco may be the most popular self-ligating bracket among the market.
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Invisible brace
Some braces which made from ceramic or plastic resin are so called invisible brace because their colours are very similar to natural teeth. However, invisible brackets are typically more brittle than stainless steel brackets and also prolong the treatment time.

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